Lolipop show

Performance at private Birthday party Choreography was prepaired for special music by Karel Gott. You can see here:

Czech pole Art - Elite category Since 2017, I have not participated in any national competitions due to the maternity leave and a large number of responsibilities with managing the School and caring for the family. But I had enough space to re-create motivation and implement ideas. Returning after a long break is always difficult, but with the right people, it just has to work out. Thank you Barbora Orságová, Dominica Hedbávná, Marta Šidlová, JH - bespoke design, Pavel Kolář, Radek Éli Comedy Theme: a desperate wife is waiting for her husband, he comes and turns on the TV. But he doesn't know what kind of sweetheart he has at home ... 2nd place is an amazing reward, but the bigger one is in recognition of your best. Thank you all for your kindness. Thank you to the Czech Pole & Art Sports Association for organizing the competition.

Winner of Pole Challenge Cup in to Hypno Open Air 2020 sponzored by Dragonfly Brand is Lenka Kolářová. Congratulation. We thanks all competitors, you had a difficult conditions. Dance in 28degree is a hard thing. Thank you!

We have new video in our youtube canal from his show - Pole Dance. We offer also show on Aerial Silks. Here is s link

We have new video in our youtube canal from her show - Pole Dance. We offer also show on Aerial Hoop. Here is s link:

Awarding of very important people for city Havířov - Pole Dance show Duo ART


DuoART is back

After short pause thanks to maternity we are back on stage! We do shows since November 2018. We accept orders for Pole Dance shows, Aerial Hoop and Silks shows too. We can manage a contruction for our Aerial Hoop show. For more informations please write an email:


World Champions

In December 16-17. in Liechtenstein was held the World Pole Sport Championship, where we have been qualified by a medal placement at the Czech Championship (June). Our Czech expedition numbered about 17 members, of which three athletes participated are from our Schola Artist. Pavel Kolář competed both in the Solo category and at the same time in the Doubles category with Lenka Hůlková. Lenka competed only in the Doubles category with Pavel Kolář, who resigned the solo for health reasons. Vendula Amalia Piskařová competed in Junior B. They all made their way to the final with surprising results. The final placement of Vendula Piskořová is 9th place, Pavel Kolar on the 4th place and Lenka Hůlková with Pavel Kolář placed in the 1st place and became the World Champions! In the gallery you can see photos from the semifinal and final of the competition.


Pole Stars 2017

Part of the great dance event Dance Life Brno was the international Pole Stars competition where we were selected to finale with our choreography Adam and Eve, exiled of paradise. We danced for the last time and we enjoyed it very much. Choreography described the story of a happy and innocent Adam and Eve dancing in Paradise. Then Eve sees the apple and together wit snake take apple and taste it. Adam begs Eva - don´t do that. Eve will not listen, and God will both escape from paradise. Suddenly both feel fear, guilt, pain, but also love, happiness, trust, but also mortality ...


Pole Stars 2017

We are prepairing for competition in Brno. It will be in Dance Life Expo and we will be part of it 11th November! Competition is international. We will be entering with our new choreography Adam and Eve. We are excited for this event. Come to support us!

Third place in final Pole Theatre Poland 2017! With new choreography Adam and Eve, exile from paradise.

Look in website of our new dance studio Schola Artist in Brno.

We are champions in Doubles category, and category Men! We got 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze!

We added new photogallery our performance at Pole Theatre UK!

Look in new Summer schedule, we have prepaired for you - there is a calendar, move with cursor in July and choose from many styles of dance and workout! We are looking forward to seeing you! Your Team Schola Artist!


Schola Artist

We want to annouce that we Opened our new Dance School - Schola Artist which include Pole dancing, Ballet, Contemporary, New Style Hustle, Lady Styling, Ladies Latino dance, Perfect body workout, Stretching etc! More info


Centrum tance

I am leaving Centrum tance after almost six years cooperation. I would like to go on my own way. Unfortunately conditions of my contract not allows me to say about my future plans.

Zouk is a dance full of energy, sensuality and passion, which in principle is based on the Lambada and its main elements are the effective head movements respectively hair. Today it is the fastest spreading dance in the Czech Republic and abroad. Jitka Hůlková works as a teacher and choreographer in the Brno Zouk dance studio Stolárna and together with Jiri Novak whos is a members of the dance group Zoukmania. They regularly perform at Expo and dance congresses. Jitka and George share a common pleasure of Zouk dance, but also in other Brazilian dances, Caribbean and Dominican descent.

This weekend we came to compare our strenght with World athlets! We bring two golf medals, one silver and one bronz. Lenka Hůlková she placed on 14th place and Pavel Kolář he brought bronz medal!


Pole Art Cyprus

Lenka Hůlková was in final worldwide international competitions Pole Art Cyprus. In Limassol were in final 27 dancers. Lenka has placed on sixth place! Link for YT is here. Photos are in galery.

We managed to bring our new choreography of "Romeo and Juliet" on a world competition on stage Pole Theatre World, where we met the best Poledancers of world! We were honored to dance in such a beautiful stage! Thank you all for your support and beautiful wishes.

Keep your fingers crossed for us next saturday, because we are competing with Pavel Kolar as Duo ART in very great Pole Theatre World event! Evening full of stars you can see if you buy your tickets on


Pavel Kolář

"Sinner Man" or "Sinnerman" is accepted as an African American traditional spiritual song that has been recorded by a number of performers. The lyrics describe a sinner attempting to hide from divine justice on Judgement Day. Pavel Kolář performed on Conference of "Leadership" 2016! Video here:

Lenka Hůlková was fisrt runner up at pole sport national championship. This competition is highest in Czech republic and it was devided to semifinal and final round where Lenka got first place in semifinal but in final she felt to second place. This year was very good, Pavel Kolář was in semifinal and final first place so he is Czech champion. Both they can travel to Italy to represent Czechia at world pole sport championship.

We are looking forward to see you in our workshops in Prague on 6th and 7th August. More Informations here:

We became the winner of the category Professinals Drama Theatre in the competition PoleTheatre Italy, and we bacame winners also as Overall Winners for all categories! We danced the story of Dracula and tender victim. Thanks to all who kept our fingers crossed!

We are prepairing with Pavel Kolar to see Italy at Pole Theatre competition.

Lenka Hůlková and Pavel Kolar as a soloist category are in final of national championship (organized by IPSF)! May 22 are looking forward for great day!

Lenka Hůlková was choosen to be fisrt in semifinal of Czech Pole sport Championship. The final will be held in 25June in Prague! From twelve athlets will compete nine finalists!

Results from semifinal round it here:



Competition aimed to children in age 6 - 17years old. Eleanor had prepaired four children in category 6 - 10 and category 11 - 14years. Competition was organized in city Nový Jičín 10th April. Dominika and Lenka become first each category, and Lucka and Bára did second and third place. Congratulation to girls and their parents. There was over 40competitiors together.

Last week I sent a number of four applications for the Pole Dance competitions. Two of them are sport character and two are Arts character. First I talk about the art competitions. It is not easy to get into final of such a big competitions. To go through I need to send the applications, entry fee and Of course video recording. In the period when I should sent a videorecord I was lying with fever in bed, so I could not shoot the actual video. I sent a recording from the amazing events of The Art of Pole, where I danced artistic choreography "Sport ART versus" I hope that the June 3rd to 4th I will get on the podium of prestigious Pole ART France! At the same time immensely I am looking forward to the beautiful city of Bordeaux. The second competition, with Pavel Kolar I want to participate together in PoleTheatre in Rome. The world pole dance begins to perceive us as Duo ART, we participated together already two competitions and last year we tasted what And also we danced in Incheba arena within Czechoslovakia's Got Talent, where we got in the theater 3x YES. In addition, together we managed to win PoleEmotions a place to third in the competition aimed at Show - Field & ME 2016 - Express Yourself. PoleTheatre Italy, on June 18, will be our next contest, which will compete for the finals and who knows even some awards. And then two sport championships in Prague. I am prepairing been strictly for it my artistic soul suffers, but I feel that it push me forward more and more. Discipline must be. In the Czech Republic we have two national competitions. Czech pole sport Championship 2016 and Czech Republic Championship in pole sport (IPSF) are two different competition, although it sounds crazy. For these two competitions I am also fully preparing four children, two adults and one man (my boyfriend Pavel Kolar, yes this year will compete for the first time as a soloist!) Semi-finals take place already in May and the finals in May and June. Hold for me and for us all fingers crossed!

In theatre Royal we were winning third place with our Showcase at Pole&ME competition aimed to best Showcases! We are proud about the great result! Video is here

We are prepairin for a new competition artistic poledance called Pole&ME which is aimed for show! Next saturday 30th january you can see us live at Ryal Theatre! Last 90 tickets!


The Art of Pole

Eleanor as a guest Video from Lepizig event The art of Pole is availiable on youtube link:



We are prepairing new Choreography with Pavel Kolář called Drakula and we are happy to show our performance in Naitional Theatre 31st december with balet NDB.

Lenka Hůlková was selected into final of biigest poleArt competititon! It is true! 29th October will be final round of proffesional division on sunny island Cyprus!

We are in "CZ and SK got talent" in semifinal 2015 this year! All about us in competition you can see on this link:

Lenka Hůlková has placed on 4th place on Czech Pole Art championship with her choreography! Video of her performance on Eleanor´s youtube canal !

Eleanor has sent an application form to Czech and Slovak championship of Pole Art, her video application is on youtube. Copy link


Duo Show

We are prepairing new Show with Pavel Kolář!

Lenka Hůlková - Eleanor was placed on natinal pole sport championship at 7th place in highest category - Elite. She also prepaired two children - Elite and they achieved on 3th and 8th place.



We are in Czech has a Talent - show

Eleanor has qualified into final of Pole sport National championship 2015. The final evening will be held on 24 th May at Hybernia Theatre. More information about tickets here.

Eleanor starts to train after health pause when she injured her back muscle. We hope she will prepair enough for upcomming Pole Sport Championship.

Yesterady was a big succes for Eleanor. She created probably an author element. The move you can see in Gallery. The move was inspired by move Rainbow Marchenko and it is called Eleanor Backsplit.

St. Valentine's Day is comming soon and in this special day will Eleanor with Denisa Kudláčková perform in the Colonnade!

Eleanor together in team with Denise Kudláčková won in Sunday's PoleChallengeCup - Battle on DanceLife Expo! They managed to defeat a total of 6 pairs!

Newly emerging acrobatic and dance duet Eleanor with Pavel Kolar together managed to win in the competition PolEmotions - 8.November 2014 in Dance Life Expo! article about us here:

On Saturday, (8th November) on Dance for Life Expo, a dance exhibition in Brno, the competition is held in PoleArt called PoleEmotion. Eleanor will participate in this competition both duo and solo performances.

Eleanor was 4th place on European pole sport championhip in category Women A!!!



Eleanor has participated in videoclip. Cooperated with MAAT and Ben Christovao There is a trailer!